Friday, November 28, 2008

Mobile paternity tests and other ghetto nonesense..

Just some randomness for the day... So I was walking home from the train last week... as many of you know, my walk from the train is about 10-15 min through the Bed Stuy, so there's always something interesting to see... So I'm minding my own business, slightly annoyed that my headphones broke and I was ipod-less, and what do I see? A blue van with a BIG ass picture of a white, blue eyed, blond baby on the side and 2 young black guys driving... so I had to take a closer look. On the side of the van it said "MOBILE DNA AND PATERNITY TESTING" and right by the baby was written "He's got his father's eyes.... or does he?" HAHAHA Really... really.... really Bed Stuy? We have to do better. I was so mad. I wish I would have had my camera to take a picture... So mad that there's really a market for this type of "service". Maury would be so proud.

In other ghetto news, I was WAY uptown in the Monistat capital of NYC i.e. Washington Heights (don't be mad... those chicks wear their pants hella tight...) yesterday for Thanksgiving. The Heights is just as ghetto as my neighborhood just more Daddy Yankee than Lil Wayne... anyway, Juan and i were walking down the street and we came across a car who's side mirror had been knocked off (pretty common), but WHY did these fools tape a hand mirror (yes just like this one ---------------------------> )

into the space where the side mirror should be... handle and all... Really.... really? Ya'll couldn't have at LEAST broken off the handle before doing that shit. We have to do better people! necesitamos hacer mejor!! (Thanks Steph!) Ugh... our people....

just a little nonesense for your Friday :-)

Beyonce... I can't even hate....

Beyonce.... I can't even be mad at her. I know a lot of you think that I'm a Beyonce hater. And I think that is TOTALLY UNTRUE! I have ALWAYS liked Beyonce's music. I thought her first CD Dangerously in Love was AMAZING (by far her best CD in my opinion). My main issue with Beyonce was that she always seemed so controlled in interviews and there is never any life behind her eyes in pictures.... She's an amazing performer, pretty good singer, but ugh her pictures and interviews just annoy me.... I just want to shake her! But recently I've started to think that the Beyonce Android may have come to life... I mean would Android Beyonce ever let herself be photographed like this... -------------------------------------------------->

Maybe her marriage has given her some strength to break out and be more free, maybe she's just growing up... (or maybe I'm just growing up and becoming less of a hater :-p). Whatever it is, I'm liking this Beyonce chick these days. I especially love her new single "Single Laides (put a ring on it). I decided to adopt this as my anthem for my relationship life.... "If you want it then you should(a) put a ring on it." Until then all is fair game. I loves it. In addition to that... girl is WORKING OUT in the video. I mean DAYUM! I mean...DAYUM LOL. That video is sick! My friend Juan and I decided that we would try and learn the dance yesterday... We got through about 7 seconds. heh heh... I don't care if the dark skinned person in the video is a dude, she was working it out.

I also caught a replay of Beyonce's performance at the AMA's... She's a force of nature! I mean all the other folks had sets, explosions, 50 dancers, crazy costumes, live animals, pyrotechnics... and Beyonce had 2 dancers, a leotard, a bike ramp and a horse tail weave and she worked that shit out. Best performance of the night. Hands Down. Even that crazy pose at the end... Sasha must have taken over her body or something.... I can't even hate.

But one thing I CAN hate on is the Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thorton.... She needs to take a note from the Destiny's Child handbook of what to do when you have a mistake on stage (remember when Michelle fell on her ass and Beyonce and Kelly just kept right on dancing?) ... Well watch the black chick on the on the far left when the start working on the poles.... priceless...

Ok... so for now the Beyonce hate is on hiatus.... for now... :-p

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Off to the pumpkin patch…

What up y’all…

Fall has fallen upon us… like a cold, windy, dreary brick… but never fret, what Mother Nature taketh away in terms of weather, she giveth back with a bounty of tasty fall produce! Heh heh I’m corny…

I have a few staple meals that I make a lot in the fall: butternut squash soup, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted vegetable soup, Asian yams… This fall I decided I should branch out a little bit more and try cooking with fresh pumpkin.

This fall was only my second time cooking with fresh pumpkin… much to the chagrin of my friends, and pumpkin connoisseurs, Janet and Curtis. The first time I cooked pumpkin was last year. I tried to roast some pumpkin and add it to my roasted vegetable soup…. Unfortunately I used a carving pumpkin... Carving pumpkins are not for eating... they have no taste, a really thick flesh, and are just all together nasty... The picture demonstrates how I felt about eating pumpkin after my first experience.

I think I mentioned my disdain for fresh pumpkin to Janet ‘I love pumpkins!’ Tang and she quickly schooled me on pumpkin types that were more suitable for cooking. Instead of buying the mammoth carving pumpkins, she told me to try the smaller pumpkin varieties because they have a sweeter flesh and are better for baking. I also learned that the “pumpkin” in canned pumpkin is actually not pumpkin! Canned pumpkin puree is usually made from one or more kinds of winter squash like butternut, Hubbard, or Boston Marrow, which are less stringy, sweeter and have a richer orange color…. But before anyone tries to get their money back from Libby’s for false advertising, there’s a pretty fuzzy line between what is called a pumpkin and what is called squash… so just calm down and enjoy them…

ANYWAY I digress… So I went out and picked up a little sugar pumpkin to make cookies with. Cooking with pumpkin, just like cooking with fresh butternut squash, is pretty labor intensive. You have to first roast the pumpkin, then scrape out the flesh and then puree the flesh. You use the puree the same way you would use the canned pumpkin. Janet had warned me about the pumpkin puree being more watery than the pumpkin puree you get in the can, and the excess water may affect the texture of the cookies. Fortunately I’m pretty lazy and let the roasted pumpkin sit in my fridge for a few days before I pureed it. By that time the flesh had dried out considerably and wasn’t watery at all.

One of the things that I noticed when looking up cookie recipes is that most pumpkin cookies call for oil or shortening instead of butter…. I just couldn’t write my brain around cookies made with shortening or oil, so I found this Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the that used butter only. The recipe called for chocolate chips, but I liked Janet’s suggestion of using butterscotch chips, so I used those instead. The batter for the cookies was REALLY runny and more like cake batter than cookie batter. The cookies baked up to be really soft as well, but they were tasty... it was just hard to keep them from sticking together.

The recipe called for a few spices, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves, but I couldn’t really taste the spices too distinctly in the cookie. I took the cookies to my friends birthday party and people seemed to like them. Someone even asked me for the recipe. I made another batch of cookies for my friend, and fellow pumpkin lover, Curtis. He had been at my house when I was making the first batch and was mad that I only gave him one. He had mentioned that the ginger was a bit strong in the first batch so I cut the ginger down in this batch and upped the nutmeg a bit. He seemed to like them better that way, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

All in all I give the cookies a solid B. They were a little soft for my liking... I like my cookies to be chewy on the inside with a bit of a crisp crust. I think they would make REALLY great muffins with a little recipe tweaking... maybe with a nice crumbly struedal topping... Oh well... I honestly don't know if I'd make these again for myself but other people seemed to enjoy them. Maybe I'll try one of the ones that use oil or shortening? Maybe the stability of the shortning will produce a denser cookie? I'll keep ya'll posted b/c I KNOW you're just as interested in this as I am. :-p

October Wrap up (otherwise known as Nana is a loser)

So…. If anyone has been checking my blog within the last month you might have noticed that there has been no activity. I really don’t have any good excuse for this, other than just the simple fact that I’m a loser and let life get in the way of keeping up my blog. I’m sure the dearth of new posts has left a serious void in the lives of my readers (all 1.5 of you :-p) and I vow not to leave you hanging for this long ever again.

Since it’s already November 20th, I guess I should post a re-cap of my October goals…. This is gonna be short… heh heh.

Goals that I actually worked on in October:
Adopt a pug: - DONE! YAY for Leroy. He’s so freaking cute… I actually feel really bad that I haven’t been blogging about him… Keeping all his cuteness to myself is really selfish.

Acquire >2 songs per month for 6 months (1/6)
Ugh I was doing really well on this in September, but I just couldn’t think of any songs I wanted for October… I ended up downloading 3 new songs on November 1st, but that doesn’t count for October, so it looks like I’m starting again in November and I’m still at 1/6

Make 100 new recipes (4/100)
I tried 2 new recipes in October; pumpkin butterscotch cookies and Moroccan spiced butternut squash stew. I could have gotten 2 solid blogs out of these meals, but I’m lazy… I’m going to try and at least do one detailing both of them because I need numbers. New recipes are up to 4/100

Try 50 foods or types of cuisine I haven't tried (4/50)
Tried Gator and Amaranth. Now up to 4/50

Blog on my 101 90% of the days (27/901)
I really sucked this month… but I’m still up to 27/901… umm… Yay?

Create my wardrobe database
I did start on this one…. I started listing all of my clothing in a table…. That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

Ok… Now for the goals I’ve totally slacked on….
Watch all the movies that have won Best Picture since I’ve been alive. (13/29)
None have been watched. Still at 13/29

Read 6 non-fiction books (0/6):
None have been read. Still at 0/6

Be on time or early for everything for a month (0/30):
Still annoying my friends and disgusting myself with my habitual lateness…

Take multivitamins every day for 3 months (0/90):
Didn’t even try….

Do 15 minutes of abs 3 times a week (outside of a class) for 1 month (0/12)
Still as flabby as ever…

Complete 50 military push-ups
Please see above re: my flabbiness…

Go the gynecologist and dentist once per year (0/4)
Still totally delinquent on my medical care

Start retirement planning:
Nope… no planning… did some spending though :-p

Set a budget and stick to it for 2 months (0/2)
Not doing so well with this either…. I tried the budget challenge with Alex in October, but it kind of fell off… I tried to start another one in November, but that kind of fell off as well… December is obviously out. I guess this will re-surface in January

Drink 1.5 liters of water per day for 2 months (0/60)
Still dehydrated…

Go to the gym 400 times (0/400)
Don’t want to talk about it… still flabby…

Do 400 "no spend" days (1/400)
This will never happen. I might as well just pay myself my penalty and be done.

October sucked... at least blog wise. Life-wise October was a really great month... I spent most of it transcribing or playing with my puppy.... Now that my current transcription job is done and I'm getting into a routine with Leroy I'll, hopefully, be able to keep up better with the blogging... we'll see....