Sunday, March 14, 2010

March is ME Month!

So with the official start of spring right around the corner, today being "Spring forward" the clock day, and tomorrow being the first day of the week AND the 15th of the month, it seemed a good time as any to jump into some mental and physical spring cleaning goals!!! Winter is a notoriously bad time for me (and for lots of other folks) with the long dark days, and cold weather, so I'll try and shake off the winter doldrums quickly... and in time for my birthday and my mom's birthday cruise. :-p

Goals I'd like to achieve this month (March 15-April 15):

Read 1 non-fiction books- As we all know... I hate reading non-fiction, but I'm in the middle of a pretty good non-fiction book now, so hopefully I'll actually finish it!

Drink 1.5 liters of water per day for 2 months- Clear skin, shining eyes, lusterous hair... all need water... which I don't drink enough of, at all. I tried this goal previously, and failed miserably. Let's see if I can do better this time.

Do 15 minutes of abs 3 times a week (outside of a class) for 1 month: I'm trying to kick the whole workout thing into high gear this month, which includes doing abs pretty much every day... so unless I fail on my working out then I will achieve this goal.

Use the foot thing in the shower every day for 2 month- Open toe season is approaching... 'nuff said.

Leave no dishes in the sink overnight for 1 month- Another goal that I failed miserably on..

Make bed every day for 1 month- First time i'm trying this... I honestly don't remember the last time I made my bed... I never make my bed. I was watching on the Today show that happy people are more likely to report that they make their bed in the morning. Apparently starting the day with an achievement like making your bed, sets you off on the right foot and puts you in a better mood for the whole day.

In addition to all of this, I'm also trying to eat cleanly for a month and lose 6 pounds... just to lean out a bit for the Spring/Summer. I will, hopefully, be posting more on this and updating all the goals I've achieved this fall/winter sometime this week.

Love y'all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Leroy and Roxie!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd drop by and put up something fun and cute for you. :-) The video was taken by clients of my fabulous dogwalker, Nickey, when she was boarding Leroy for a few days. Leroy LOVES to play with the big dogs, but I rarely get video of it... so here you go :-)