Monday, June 29, 2009

Trying to find Natural Inspiration....

I know it's been forever since I last blogged. I'm not apologizing for it anymore. I'm just going to do what I do and hope that it's better this time. So I've been thinking a lot about making some sort of drastic change to my appearance. Usually when I start thinking about this it usually means doing something to my hair.... and that "something" is usually cutting it. But I jut don't feel like cutting my hair this time.... and moreover, I'm not even sure that I really am feeling natural hair so much, at least not on me. I still think natural hair is beautiful, artistic, earthy and amazingly versatile.... but I'm not so sure that it's "me" anymore.

I've had every type of natural hair style under the sun

The baldie... from a long ass time ago LOL

Box braids from way back in 2003

Plait outs...

Painful Cornrow extensions that took out all my edges from 2006

Twist outs

Flat Twist Attempts:


Free-form fros

wigs... heh heh no I didn't leave the house like this

And more different "styles" of 2 strand twists then I'd like to re-count.

Are any of these really me anymore? Whenever I see woman out on the train, on TV I start to long for a more "polished" look... a less earthy, eclectic look... maybe even a more "normal" look one that won't cause people to have certain pre-conceived notions or assumptions about me when they first look at me. I've been thinking seriously about making some drastic changes.... still thinking on them. Maybe I'm just going through a midlife breakdown. What do y'all think?