Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Roundup 3/12/2009

What up party people.... A few interesting things in the blogiverse today....


-The folks over at Budget Babe posted a link to a $19.99 shoe sale over at Poetic License shoes are only $19.99 for one day only. I've never actually heard of this brand of shoes, but they don't seem too bad... a couple functional little work shoes in the mix.

-Budget Babe also posted a very comprehensive "Spring Essentials Wardrobe Checklist" today for those of you who are tryna step it up, on the cheap, for spring. Pretty good list in my opinion. Here are my top 5 from the list:
1. Short sleeve cardigans- To make spring shirts out of summer tanks. There were bunch of cheap and cute ones at Forever21
2. Lightweight scarves. - All the little celebrity chicks are doing this and I've seen it in a few window displays... very cute way to dress up standard jeans and t-shirt look.
3. Classic trench. I've been looking for a cute, single breasted, trench for a few years... if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know.

4. Stylish sneaks. I need need NEED a new pair of sneakers as my die hard Puma 'speed cats' actually have a hole in the toe.... I'm so bad with sneakers... please give me suggestions
5. Jumpers. I love jumpers! I wanted to get one last season, but didn't see any that I really loved... I need to get at least one before Miami. Here's one from Bebe...


I LOVE this new blog I just subscribed to Thekitchn, from the Apartment Therapy folks. There were a bunch of great posts today, but for some reason the post about pudding really jumped out at me. Pudding isn't just for kids (and Bill Cosby) anymore with fancy flavors like Mexican chocolate and anise or lemongrass infused vanilla. The pics were beautiful and the coolness (and relative low fat-ness... depending on the type of milk used) seemed perfect for a light spring dessert.

Yummm.... That's it for now. See you in a few

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