Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Roundup- 3/26/2009

Just a few thangs from the ever revolving blogiverse….


Gettogetha (a really cool lifestyle) posted these awesome bulletin boards from a designer on Etsy. I have been looking for a bulletin board for my apartment, but really didn’t want to do the standard dorm, cork board look… I don’t’ really have that much on my walls so I feel like everything I hang up has to add value…. Even a bulletin board. I LOVE these “Hoop de doo” bulletin boards from little pretty studio. They are so adorable. They are small, so you’d have to get a few

Gettogetha also posted a really cute idea for host/hostess gifts. As a girl who likes to entertain friends (AND drink) I always appreciate people bringing a bottle of wine or spirits as a hostess gift, but the wine undoubtedly will be drunk at the party leaving me as the poor hostess empty handed when it’s over. Enter the wine stopper! Perfect hostess gift. You can use them at the party to keep the wine corked, and the hostess can keep them for her personal use. I am definitely going to keep a stock of these on hand. Gettogetha posted some cute ones


Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love personal challenges. I’m always trying to get people to enter them with me (budget challenges, workout challenges, water drinking challenges LOL), so the “April Body of Work” challenge at Social Fitness was right up my alley. Basically the challenge is to work out 26 times in April and go on Social fitness and write up a short ditty about your workouts to keep yourself accountable and give others ideas. The prizes aren’t too shallow either. The grand prize is a free year membership to Crunch (over $1000) value. Anyone else want to join in?

Evil Mad Scientist's project for this week were mini pizzas made in little springform pans. SUCH a cute, delicious (looking) and potentially healthy ideas. I will be trying these in the near future...

That's it for today.... thankfully Budget Babe has stopped that Spotlight Store of the day nonsense... the "Babe" is costing me dearly but hopefully I'll be cuter for it come spring.


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