Thursday, March 19, 2009

I need a new bag... STAT!

So the horror of almost losing my brand new cell phone yesterday has put a fire under my ass about getting a new purse. All of my current purses came off of the street (the nice bag guy at 18/19th and 6th... Thanks Sabs) and while they look nice-ish, none of them are particularly durable or zip all the way shut... And I'm getting very annoyed with my change, ipod and phone always getting caught underneath the torn lining. So I"m getting a new bag this week. Period. I don't want to spend more than 100 on it, but I'd like it to be cute.... That being said... Does anyone have any ideas or seen any cute bags around? My only requirements are that it's cute, leather or high quality pleather, fully zips closed and has functional compartments. Here are a few I've seen on the net within the past few days that I thought were cute... just so you'd know the style I'm kind of going for.... Thoughts/suggestions anyone?

Grey Bselma from Steve Madden: On sale for $73.00

Whitney Drawstring Bag from Steven by Steve Madden- Ivory on sale for $164

This is cute from Bluefly (Matt and Nat), but it's $150 and it's not leather..

That's all I got so far...

Suggestions anyone?


  1. I think you should raise your budget to $300 and get one nice bag and call it a day. You can take a trip to the outlets and spend a few hundred on a nice Coach bag or some other designer bag. You can get some good deals at the outlets.

  2. Hey Al, thanks for the comment. Not sure why I didn't see this till now. I'm not that big of a fan of Coach or other designer bags like that... I would love to get a Linea Pelle or Hayden-harnett bag... but i just don't think that's the best use of my $300-600 at this point. Thankfully I found a great bag this weekend!