Thursday, March 12, 2009

Naive or neigborly?

So I met a nice woman on my block who has a french bulldog... I'm 99% sure that he's a purebred Frenchie. I met her before she got the dog and she told me she was getting a French bulldog and when she came and introduced Leroy and I to her puppy last week and she again said that he was a Frenchie. I was talking to her randomly on the street yesterday when a guy, who I had just met a few minutes earlier, came down the block and asked her what type of dog she had. She told him he was a mutt. The guy asked her a few times just to be sure.... and she said that he was a frenchie mixed with something else... i don't remember what she said, but she definitely said that her dog was a mutt. I had just met the guy a bit earlier. He had stopped me to chat and had asked what type of dog I had. I, of course, told him that Leroy was a pug and we had a nice little conversation about pugs.

Back when I first got Leroy people used to stop me all the time to talk to me about where I got him, how much he was, etc. Puppies are really expensive in New York and a lot of people around here breed dogs (Pitts and Shepherds mostly) so the majority of the time I just figured they saw he was a purebred dog that was "rare" (at least in Bed Stuy) so I figured they were just curious. A few times i was a little reticent to tell people how much I paid for him because I just felt a weird energy from them, but for the most part I told them I got him from the Midwest and he was pretty cheap... a few hundred bucks.

What do you all think about my neighbor not telling the guy what kind of dog she had? I kind of thought she was doing it because she didn't want to tell him that she had an expensive dog for fear that he might get stolen? Maybe I'm just being paranoid and projecting my personal feelings on her? Maybe she just didn't feel like telling him for other reasons?

Do you think I'm naive by being very forthcoming about the breed and cost of Leroy? Do you think there's any validity in being concerned about people having ulterior motives when they ask Leroy's breed of "price"?

What say you?


  1. nope, i dont think u'r being 'noid. that was actually my initial thought.. (that she was protectin her investment) before i even got down to the bottom of ur paragraph. but maybe i's 'noid too. (?) if i were u, i would NOT be so forthcoming, nans. ur an "honest" gal, but not everyone else is.. especially in ur hood. just curious though.. what were the ethnicities of ur lady-friend-frenchie-owner and the inquisitive-man?? just, u know, curious..

  2. LOL am I an "honest" gal, Steph? Yes I agree I may be a little too forthcoming with information... It's kind of nice when people stop me to chat, especially since I don't know that many people in the 'hood, but you're right... who knows what people's motives are.... And the dude that I was talking about was going down the block to the corner store by my house.... the one with NOTHING in it... wonder what he was purchasing? LOL and I think you know the answer to the ethnicity question; the man looked like he grew up in Bed Stuy... the woman did not.