Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog Roundup- 3/13/2009

What up party people.... A few interesting things in the blogiverse today....


Budget Babe hipped me to a funky headband designer in Philly, Lisa Kathryn Designs. She sells her stuff on and she's running a promotion where 1 lucky girl (or guy...) will win a free headband. She has some cute stuff... It's very Urban Outfitters/Katy Perry/Solange-ish, but I really like a few of the pieces and they'd be fun for my spring/summer fro. They're only $10-$12 so I think I can afford to just purchase a few, and if you mention the Budget Babe you get 10% off. Here's a few of my faves below :-)


I saw this really awesome kitchen gadget on thekitchn today. It's a counter/cutting board that you can hold on your lap! As you can see in the picture you balance the board in between your legs, use the portion in front of you for cutting and then there seems to be a trash area on one side and another holding area on the other side. GENIUS! I should get one of these for my mom.... She's always sitting down and cutting things and this seems way more ergonomic than sitting on a stool and reaching up to the counter to cut things.

That's it for today! Have a fantabulous weekend y'all!

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