Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Decorating

Spring has sprung and I decided I HAVE to switch up my living room. I have some beautiful curtains, pillows and couch throw that my mom made for me 3 years ago, but they are just TOOOO dark for me now and for some reason the combination of the bright yellow walls and dark maroon curtains is making me feel like the room closing in around me. So I'm going to change it. It's spring so I'm going to try and redecorate in a happy, sunny, springy way.

I don't really want to repaint my wall, so I'm going to have to just work around the yellow and try to make it less manically intense and more sunny and happy. So here's my living room at this point:

It was night time, but you can see how heavy and dark the curtains are, and just how generally dark the color scheme is.

So the plan is this:
1- Get new window treatments
2- Get some cute throw pillows for the couch
3- reupholster my dining room chairs and benches
4- Get some plants/window boxes for the windows
5- figure out a simple, cheery and cheap tablescape.

I did some research online and I think the main accent color I want to go with is in the vermilion/coral/orange family. All the decorating shows say that when you're picking colors you should find an inspiration room, or pillow/accessory or image that inspires you. Here are the things that spoke to me...

I really like the sunnyness of the sunflower on the Nourish and Shine Pomade label and I just LOVE the dining room in the picture, although I feel like it may be a little orange for me. My original plan was to do more coral and yellow (like Michelle Obama's outfit)... but I don't know if that or the orange will do better.

At this point I've taken down my curtains and the room already looks so much brighter. I've found a couple cute pillows at Crate and Barrel and CB2 that I may start out with... Anyone have any suggestions on curtain color or how I should reupholster my chairs and stools?

Gracias folks!

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