Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Single Ladies videos... this ish has to stop!

Saw this video on Young Black and Fabulous yesterday.... I'm not going to describe it, because I think the blogger there said all that needs to said.... Read on....

"The Beyonce World Domination continues. These little boys in the Philippines have re-enacted B’s “Single Ladies” video. I’m slightly disturbed yet impressed at the same time. Is that possible? Either way…I have SEVERAL questions. A few that instantly came to mind:

1. Who bought these daisy dukes and extra smedium shirts for these little boys and is THAT who I should be mad at?

2. Who choreographed the remix parts with the acrobats and patty cake games?

3. Was this a school assembly?

4. Is Dr. Phil on call? I have a feeling some ish is about to pop off as soon as they hit puberty.

I must say…homeboy in the urnge–yes, urnge–shorts was killin’ it. Bump what you heard.

HAHAHAHAH oh the hilarity....